Gavrilova’s secret motivational notes revealed

FACT: The ball is typically in play for only 15 minutes out of every 60 minutes of a match!

Channel 7 reveals Gavrilova’s secret motivational notes from her coach during a live broadcast of her Aussie Open match last night where she eventually lost in a final set.

  • Expect to play long points; you can and will out work her;
  • This is exactly where you should be so let it all happen;
  • Trust your game;
  • Believe in yourself;

Simple, positive and motivating. Whether or not Channel 7 should have broadcast the notes is another discussion.

The important thing is for aspiring players is to recognize the importance of the mental game out on court – you have 45 minutes of every hour to accept, relax and prepare for 15 minutes of ‘actual’ play. Make every minute count!

Try and create your own mantra out on court to help you stay positive, focused and motivated in between points. And share with us by leaving us a reply below.

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